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Why Villas Of Hawaii ?

Because you can rely on us. We are
the Hawaii experts and have been in
business for more than 25 years.

Consider the following:

  • We deal exclusively with Hawaii.

  • Our counsellors know the
    islands intimately.

  • Our staff inspect our properties
    regularly to insure that they
    maintain the highest standards.

  • Our President/Owner is an
    authority on Hawaii. Dr. Ronald
    Shephard, while a professor
    at the University of Toronto
    in the 1970's, went to work at
    the University of Hawaii. He
    lived in Hawaii with his family
    for two years and fell in love
    with it. Subsequently, he
    established Villas of Hawaii.

If you are in doubt about which
islands to visit and where to stay,
we will be happy to answer all your
After all – We Are The
Hawaii Experts.
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Personalized Guaranteed

VILLAS of HAWAII is committed
to your total satisfaction. WE ARE
know Hawaii. They are familiar with
all the properties we represent, can
answer all your questions, and can
provide personal recommendations
based on your needs, desires and
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Our Properties

Please note that we feature only a
sample of our many properties in this
website. For more information on our
other properties in Hawaii, please
contact us.
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Toll Free: 1-877-393-0005, or

Financial Responsibility

Villas of Hawaii is a licensed
Travel Agent subject to strict industry
standards mandated to safeguard
consumer protection. All payments
received by Villas of Hawaii are
fully secured in a Client Trust Account.
Villas of Hawaii has been providing
high quality accommodation to
satisfied clients for over 25 years
and is a registered member of the
Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau.
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Ontario Registration No. 4105532, No. 4063301

Early Bookings

Christmas and the March Break
are our busiest periods in Hawaii.
In some cases clients book a year
in advance. We urge you, if you are
thinking of either of these periods,
PLEASE book well in advance.
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To Reserve

To reserve accommodations
at any of the properties on our website,
or if you wish further information,
please contact us by e-mail or phone.
Toll Free: 1-877-393-0005

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Toll Free: 1-877-393-0005
14 Glengordon Crescent, Unionville, ON L6C 0K1

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